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Playaway Digital Audiobooks

Playaways offer you the option of listening to a book without cassettes, cd's or players. We have Playaways in the Adult, Children's and Teen collections. To search the catalog for these digital audiobooks, choose Advanced Search and browse by the Call Number, MP3 (for adult books), J MP3 (for children's) or YA MP3 (for teen's). Or, ask us for assistance.

To Get Started:

1. Do not open the case. A new battery is already in place.
2. Plug in a set of earphones or external speakers.
3. Press the Play button and enjoy.

How It Works:

There are 10 volume levels and 3 voice speeds. You may also bookmark your favorite passages.

l< Skip back a chapter or bookmark
>l Skip ahead a chapter or bookmark
<< Rewind
>> Fast forward

Digital numbers, such as 32:36, indicate the time remaining in the chapter.
To play or pause, press the Play button.
To turn off, hold the Play button.


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