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General Information: FAQs

What do I need to get a library card?
You must live in Rocky Hill and present a current driver's license or another form of identification, such as a current utility bill or checkbook, which shows your Rocky Hill address. You may complete a library card application in the library or print a form at home and bring it into the library.

Who can get a card?
Rocky Hill residents of all ages may obtain cards. If you are a child younger than 6th grade, your parent or guardian must sign the library card application.

What should I do if I lose my library card?
If you lose your library card, please notify the library as soon as possible. A replacement library card costs $1.00.

Can I use my smart phone to access my library card?

Yes. Just download free apps, such as CardStar to recreate your barcode on your phone and AccessMyLibrary to find Gale databases and libraries wherever you are. (Or, try the KeyRing app.)

How many items am I permitted to check out?
You can borrow an unlimited number of materials, but only two Cora's Quick Reads or Cora's Quick Flicks may be borrowed at one time.

How long may I keep library materials?
Most library materials are loaned for 21 days. Exceptions are: Cora's Quick Flicks are loaned for 2 days, and entertainment DVD's and Cora's Quick Reads are loaned for 7 days. All materials, except for Cora's Quick Reads, Cora's Quick Flicks and hold items, may be renewed twice.

How do I renew library items?
You can renew items in one of three ways: (1) stop by the library with the item; (2) call the library with the your library card number and the barcode number of the item; or (3) log onto our website, link to our catalog, and then access your account.
When you renew an item, the new due date is calculated from the renewal date.

How do I put a hold on a book or DVD?
You can place a reserve on most library items in one of three ways: (1) fill out a reserve form at the library; (2) call the Information Desk (860.258.7623); or (3) log onto our website to locate the item in the catalog and place an online hold. Whichever method you choose, the library will notify you when the item has been returned and is available for pick-up.

What are the charges for lost items?
Items vary in replacement cost, according to the original purchase price of the item.

If the library does not own an item I want, can I get it from another library?
Library staff can initiate an interlibrary loan request, which takes about 7 days to fill. Rarely, interlibrary loan requests may have additional charges.

Does the Library have a book drop?
Yes, the Library has two book drops located in front of the Library

Does the Library have a wireless Internet connection?
Yes. If you have a laptop computer with a wireless card, you can go online at the library. Stop by the Information Desk for the pass phrase.

What computer software is available at the Library?
MS Office 2010 (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Publisher) plus Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader and Overdrive
. You can access the computers with your library card.

What are Cora's Quick Reads?
These books are popular bestsellers available on a first-come, first-served basis. They are loaned for 7 days, with no renewals and no reserves. The library also has multiple copies of the same bestsellers which can be borrowed for the standard 21-day loan period.

What are Cora's Quick Flicks?
These are new DVD releases available on a first-come, first-served basis. They are loaned for 2 days, with no renewals or reserves. These restrictions allow more customers to view our most popular DVD's.

What are Playaways?
Playaways are digital audiobooks without cassettes, cd's or separate players. Playaways are available for all ages: Adult, Children and Teen. To search the catalog for these audiobooks, choose "Advanced Search" and browse by the call number, MP3, J MP3 (for children's titles) or YA MP3 (for teen titles). Or, ask us for assistance. More information.

What events do you schedule for adults?
We strive to provide learning for all, with lectures, book discussions and movie showings. Some events require you to enroll. Check our calendar for upcoming events, or subscribe to our email newsletter.

Do you provide proctoring services for distance learning students?
Yes. There is no charge for this service, and we have general guidelines to assist you in the process. Call the information desk (860.258.7623) for more information.

I just moved to town with children. Are there programs for us at the Library?
The Children's Department has a number of literacy programs for children, beginning with newborns and continuing through the teen years. We also have drop-in playgroups for preschoolers on Wednesday mornings from 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. Check the Children's and Teen page for the latest information and events, or subscribe to our email newsletter.

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