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Snapshot Day -- One Day in the Life of the Library (2011)

On Snapshot Day, we asked people to tell us the reasons they came to the library that day and why the library is important to them.

Here are our favorite responses:

  • Has everything you need, is up-to-date with everything.  Favorite library.
  • One place to get all information I need.
  • It is a warm inviting environment where we spend a lot of time.  Our library is very tolerant and welcoming to children, and that makes them want to be here.
  • The library is important to me for all the resources it provides.  The computers here are a big plus-not having a computer at home, this library is a great outlet for job related computer use.  Also for me and the community, a great social outlet with the enjoyment of movies also provided.
  • It is quiet, in a convenient location, with polite staff. I don’t have a home computer.  It’s also important for researching things, because it is much easier to check out a book as opposed to buying it for short term use.
  • It is my storehouse of information.  It gives me endless opportunities to expand my knowledge to learn and to grow.  Also it is a great place for my toddler to play, learn, and have fun.
  • The only and best place for books.
  • Place to check out materials.  Museum passes.  Place for kids to interact, learn and play.
  • I have spent my whole life at the RH library and saved thousands of dollars by borrowing books and buying used ones, which I then return for resale.  I have recently started attending the free movies and appreciate them also.
  • I take my mom to get books two times a week.  They are fast at getting her books.  It’s very nice here and they are very helpful.
  • I love to read and listen to book tapes.  This library has a great selection.
  • The library offers many programs for residents of the community.  These events are for all ages from young children to seniors.  In today’s economy, the library is indispensable to our community.
  • I would not have access to the arts, if not for the library.  I learn new information here too.
  • I’m retired on a fixed income that is way below what I deserve.  Truly, I use the library daily for R&R, to find materials needed for volunteer work, and to take out books and DVDs.  The library computer is much better than mine.
  • Best resource in town.
  • I would be lost without my library books.  TV is so boring and I rather like the feel of a book in my hands and love selecting what I feel like reading.  Thank you.
  • A place of peace, relaxation, reading, research for items of importance, and book checkouts. 
  • It’s valuable for the reading material.  A daily trip to the library is part of my routine.  I love coming across a new book or movie.  I use the computers often, too.
  • I love to read.
  • It is a help for my son when he needs to do homework.  We come here and he finds the books he needs for the homework.
  • It opens the world to me.
  • Excellent source of pleasure reading material.
  • It is a good place to get a large variety of books to keep me entertained.
  • The library has so much to offer – books, movies, classes, and information.  It’s a great place for individuals, families, and especially children.
  • It is essential to child development.  My child likes to use computer, get DVD, and look at books.  It encourages development and reading interest.

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